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Andre Wills

Andre Wills

Andre Wills is the Managing Director of Africa Analysis, a Research and Analysis Consulting House. Since its inception in 2002, Africa Analysis have completed numerous projects across the African markets in xTech Sectors. André has spent over twenty four years working in the ICT industry in various analyst and consulting roles. Over these years André has travelled and undertaken ICT projects in twenty two countries spanning Africa and the Middle East.

Managing Director at Africa Analysis
Africa Analysis

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André is responsible for the overall management of the company, dividing his time between administrative and operational tasks, client management, co-formulation of strategy, business development and marketing, and providing dedicated support to customers.

Over these years, André has undertaken a wide variety of projects, including supply-side and demand-side research, market analysis and modelling, benchmark studies, forecast analysis, competitor and competitive landscape analysis, strategy analysis and development, business plan development, due diligence, policy development and arbitration expert witness appearances.

Over his career, André has worked for Unilever, ATC (African Telephone Cables), BMI-Technology Group and Africa Analysis.

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